Monday, August 20, 2007

What no blog?

A conversation with my alter ego -or is that called Schizophrenia

Alt: What no blog today?

D: Nope

Alt: What nothing happen?

D: Actually tons?

Alt: er Sooo?

D: Well, I miss a blog, apart from you know one reads it anyway?

Alt: But it's not about people reading it, it's about expunging yourself. But don't be silly anyway? How do you know?

D: No fingerprints

Alt: Hey man don't be so hard on yourself. Are you using the word sex in your blogs

D: Now you're being silly

Alt: Talking about being silly how long do you intend to keep up this wierd thing you're doing, you know, I'm your alter stuff and you talking in the 3rd

(Door Bangs)

David sits at Mac terminal

Writes: Met Mike from the BBC World Service Trust, really nice guy; had lunch with my former boss, saw one of the best multimedia pieces at the national gallery , got back to work station - must pick up masters student final essays, Gerard from BBC left message; and IM6 article in the works. Nah, must have bloggers block or somehting (DELETES everything) just pretend you didn't see all this.

Right article on IM6 coming up but first. . .

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