Friday, August 24, 2007

Do you trust television? BBC Newsnight Editor Peter Barron answers

Peter Barron, Editor of Newsnight, the BBC's flagship news analyses programme is on The Today programme - a national BBC talk radio show which invariably shapes the news agenda.

He's talking about the issue of trust in the media and answering the presenter John Humphries' question about how the TV industry can mend this.

This week at the annual gathering of television's power players, the Edinburgh International Television Festival there will be debate and soul searching on this point.

There has been, it's acknowledged, been a drop in trust in the broadcast media. About half of the people polled in a survey ( sorry will find the link) say they've don't believe what they see any longer. Here's a link to one in 2006 by Reuters.

It comes in the wake of a series of blunders on TV.

Peter is one of the key figures behind this year's festival. You''ll be hard pressed to find video interviews of him anywhere so this is one real benefit of producing as I interviewed him there some weeks ago.

The views he made on the Today programme are very similar to the 2 minute video interview. So click below to hear Peter's prescription for dealing with trust in the media.

TV Interest

My first TV job completeing a journalism Masters was BBC Newsnight in 1990. Peter Barron then was one of the producers. I would meet up with him again when I joined Channel 4 News as a regular freelance producer in 1997. Peter was the deputy editor of Channel 4 News.

Peter is the editors' editor with a deep insight into the new world of Net and TV, so what he has to say has true value.

In weeks to come I'm looking forward to a lengthier interview - which we've talked about.

Trust in the Media, US

Two years ago I was invited as part of a panel to San Antonio to also look at this issue of Trust. The full report can be found here: Trust in the Media

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