Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Dogtown of broadcasting

The dogtown of broadcasting, videojournalism, rendered by many professionals in its early years as cheap vulcanised TV may finally be experiencing its purple patch.

A number of national newspapers and regional bodies are feeling the fabric and trying it on.

In the UK, the Financial Times and Telegraph newspaper are just two of the nationals off the start-block, regional press have had a two years head start, while BBC.co.uk/ technology is in trials as part of a wider brief.

Until now, it's been the BBC’s Nations and Regions flying the VJ flag.

**Across Europe**
In Europe, Circom, the body for EU Regional TV has firmly set VJism into its broadcast training structure.

This year it awarded the first ever VJ gong at its annual gathering cum awards in Bilbao.

Meanwhile, Concentra has expanded its rules for VJ entrants, though you still need to have your report broadcast on television news.

In its first run in the UK introduced by Associated Newspapers with consultant Michael Rosenblum, VJs style guide could have set it apart from television.

Stuart Purvis, then Chief Executive of ITN would later accurately describe the stations obitiuary as "way before its time."

Channel One resorted to a quasiversion of VJism and TV News by dint of the beta cameras it used while courting market respectability.

At the last annual VJ awards held in Berlin, there were signs of VJisms maturity, noticeable by the emergence of several observational doc styles, particularly for long formats.

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Cliff said...

David - excellent read for your blog post and then clicked over to your site to read The Tao of VideoJournalism. Excellent work mate. Glad to see you're making waves ;-)


Cliff Etzel

Dr David Dunkley Gyimah said...

Thanks Cliff - Another day in Video Hicksville town!

Anonymous said...

No prizes in this biz for coming first! As we all know...

Dr David Dunkley Gyimah said...

Like I said, another day in Video Hicksville!