Monday, August 06, 2007

OMG He's Mad

Listening back to tapes from my radio days - Film maker Ernest Dickenson's currently playing on Viewmag - I come across the interview with Fela Kuti.

Oh my word! Now if you never met the Nigerian and global superstar fella, whooah! It's an experience. It goes like this. I have minutes before I go on air and there's a commotion at the front of the station, Marylebone Road.

From a small throng of people emerges a thin rakey man with a Greta Gabbo fluff scarf and the biggest, I mean biggest er, cigarette I have ever seen.

Ok it wasn't really a cigarette. I hope no minors are reading this. Suffice to say when he got to the studio and we began to talk he wanted to light up.

Now they say there are three reasons to lose a job at the BBC.

1. No TV licence
2. Swearing on air
3. Coupling with a colleague.

Seemed I was going to add another. Allowing your guest to light up.

Fela was briiliant, funny, down to earth, and MAD. In times like this you need people like him around.

My 7 year old has also cracked imaginary numbers and this: 0x0=0 and 0x10=0. He's a genius. Woops Radio 4 just fell of the air. Marking MA papers today online projects. Some really good work. Well done people.

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