Friday, August 17, 2007

kerching kerching kerching video on the net

One of the world’s most powerful ad men, Sir Martin Sorrell, CEO of WPP said on The Today programme ad spend on the web for digital services ect is expected to rise to 23%. That's a lot of kerchings.

Some very clever agencies are devising ways of tracking their spend. Doughnuting ads between video features, similar to TV is an increasing prevalent method. Then all manner of web tracking resources can be cross referenced to find peaks on the page.

A colleague from the Online News Association Kathryn Corrick (facebook) gave a wonderful demonstration on matrix analysing.

We're going to trial something at soon. ( see next post).

As you've probably realised there are no ads on viewmagazine. I have been pretty reluctant begging questions from friends etc. Er, how do you do it? "Vodoo subsiding" :)

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