Sunday, August 12, 2007

The rugby was great but I don't want to speak about that

My heartfelt thanks to Tim and his wonderful friends for making us (Barry, one of my oldest friends and I) have a wonderful day at Twickenham, where he treated us to a fab lunch and then a ringside seat at the rugby match, and then drinks afterwards. Thank you.

I guess we'll have enough time, the next coming weeks to talk rugby, so this is not so much about the game, but a glaring observation, well two.

Large swathes of seats remained unoccupied. Why? If the RFU/ men in suits are truly serious about sport and its interest for the young, I can't see why free tickets weren't given out to youngsters (all now on summer hols).

Ok someone's going to raise the spectre of how much they would have lost doing that. Think for a minute! Ah you get the logic. The seats were empty. And it was a friendly.

Hail the thinking of disciples from the open Source Movement. Give version 1 away and if we're wowed, we will come back for version 2 and yes, pay.

There might have been scores of youngsters who would have loved to come, even if some of them had never seen a match in their lives. I was sat behind one 7/8 year old who knew more than the ref. I have got him on audio and will post for your delectation.

Secondly, what a wonderful idea these Ref Links are. Essentially they're limited radio transmissions you buy giving you the Ref's chatter during the game.

"Oy you I have had enough of you. One more of those I'm giving a penalty"

"You, leave it, leave it.. leeeeeavvve it (posted on

And occasionally, you'll hear: "Yes sir".

Now that's gentlemanly. Why can't they a) have ref links in football (soccer) and secondly, why can't they be equally polite, after pole-axing their opponents.

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