Sunday, August 26, 2007

Grrrr What's wrong with these people

We are going to provide drop off zones for those possessing guns to drop them off anonymously

*&^$£K_"{@&((*U) HJ F£@^* )*&^

That's the best proposal the government can come up with. Help Us

Rather reminds me of an item that's stuck with me from years ago. A very nice mother working in social services when asked on TV what measures she would undertake to cope with unruly youngsters in her charge, said in her shrill voice: "I shall tell them to stop".

Hi Darling I'm home...
There's all these shootings going on..
What shall I do?

I know I'll have drop off zones. That'll do it
Now then where's that party and what time are we supposed to be there.

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