Monday, August 13, 2007

The Social Police

Policing Social web 2.0 jumps from the matrix world of one and zeros to the sapience hedonistic world, or is that the other way round. Matrix fans will correct me. But next time you go to a night club in London and you find a strange person watching you, you may not neccessarily need to be alarmed.

Relayed to me, the police are increasingly deploying detectives with behavioural science skills. Their job to study hedonists, figure out who's giving off conflicting body/verbal signals. It comes in the wake of growing ( can't verify this) claims of rape.

I'd be interested to join the group. In my on air TV career, I did quite a few reports with the police. I'm about to post one of the earliest. Circa 1992 out with Manchester police looking at Youth Crime for the BBC hit series Reportage.

If you're not familiar with Reportage, it was the BBC's jewel in the crown for young people making current affairs progs. If you examine the broadcast industry, several huge names came from that camp.

The standard of TV making was revolutionary and will still hold up now. It's a shame there's nothing like this anywhere at the moment., Resfest are great repositories for finding cutting-edge films, but at the BBC you got first rate training on the job. In fact it was the era where failing came as part of the job of trying to be innovative. That doesn't happen today.

So if you're reading this and you're an exec, a playpen for youngens to experiment with film and the web, not to follow what's already there, but to be bold enough to drive new ideas, would be welcome by many.

Another observation. The gene of crime is as decrepit then as it is now. No, you'd argue it's worse. But the most telling statement from a youth;" You get caught and you think they'll bang you up, but they just give you a caution and then you go out and rob again, and again"

Who says crime legislation isn't working. Look a nation of hegels

Reportage and Crime posting on Viewmagazine

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