Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Deja Vu

Rewatched Deja Vu - Denzel Washington again today. One of those films in the genre of Minority Report, which was a big influence in devising an Outernet interactive display - which was just a part of.

The direction is as stylised as is possibly could be coming from Tony Scott. The scene of using "google Earth" resolution to whizz around the city was particularly enjoyable to watch. Some fine folk at a Californian University have more or less perfected that, and the point where the Deja vu Unit tap into a city cam, all doable. Now if they could just figure how to go through worm holes.

But equally satisfying are the sort of online sites: Deja Vu, Bourne, ghosts of citesoleil that combine strong aesthetic values and an array of multimeia offerings. By the way isn't ghosts of citesoleil something? Trippy! What a bar this doc raises.

If I'm ever in need of inspiration, I turn to Apple's trailer site. Incidently, but then you knew this, most of the film sites use the same codecs you find in Final Cut - h.264

In the end it's all about experimenting and finding what works.

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