Friday, September 14, 2007

You say VideoJournalism is **** I say look beyond your walls

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A huge experience talking to Egypt's industry heads and academics. Here are some bullets that apply across the board:

* The VJ debate first viewed sceptically has gained a lot of admirers.

* The sceptic thing will never go away, whether you're in Cairo, Chicago or Chelsea, but Vjism is not a one size fits all. We've made programmes on cars e.g. the new Ferrari, Fashion e.g. The Mayfair Club

* In news it can be used to mop up, add on, or be exclusive

* Video journalism, multimedia journalism, integrated programme making, 360 degrees programme making - all fall under the versatility of media making. The VJ ( video journalist) is the VJ ( Versatile Journalist)

* The disruption and in-fighting to new methods and technology is as old as the first neanderthal to discover fire. In the middle ages new methods were deemed witch craft and would have got you killed. Thank Goodness for now.

* The biggest disruption is about four years away. IPTV ( Internet protocol TV -becomes universal) and greater bandwidth 10 mg + at greater MPG X compression. where x>10mg

* At the point of ease and simplicity where broadcast quality can be compressed and decompressed from point of origin to the source, with negligible differences, a further disruptive path will be introduced.

* Enhanced video players multi-simulcasting ( IPTV) on home systems will be also be paradigm breaker.

* The only difference between newspapers, TV and made for broadband companies will be the attitude of their CEOs not realising, it's about technique not technology.

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