Monday, September 24, 2007

Next generation doc makers

Slow day in blogsville, though I have been whizzing around the likes of Mindy Macadams et al sites.

Currently knee deep in marking student final project. This year very very impressed with output. There are those that could fly straight into the schedules and I encourage any commissioner watching this to put a note in their diary.

I'll be discussing with colleagues how we get to show previews or full versions depending on what the film makers say.

It's one thing knowing how to shoot with a camera. It's another understanding pace, rhythms and flows - which turn ordinary shoots into near works of art.

Incidentally if you are a VJ: then this could interest you from ITN's Chief operating Officer Guy Ker who was the MD when I was at Channel 4 News. Get applying - the adverts are in the Guardian Newspapers.
p.s. Have you noticed the number of VJ jobs being advertised?? My my,

Hi David. At this stage we do need journalists.


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