Monday, September 24, 2007

Strange worlds Vjing under water

One of the pages being hit hard at the moment is this IM6 piece - integrated multimedia - diving expedition in Gallipoli.

I'm trying to demonstrate how video can be stripped into audio - radio package, a photo essay, and video package.

This piece probably ranks as one of the most exhilirating and frightening dives- as I got caught by a ribbon current which slammed me against some live shells. It's wierd what you think about when you're in that situation.

I can remember thinking, I haven't taken the rubbish out @!^&* . The piece made it onto the BBC World Service. Strange as it may sound, but still nothing beats radio - the sheer creativity of bringing images alive.

Listening to the blanket coverage of the PM's speech, I can't help on the one hand think, "ah that would have been good to have covered that", but then the loop coverage after a while does get to you. For light relief I have a super 8 mm shoot I did at Cheltenham during my last job as a political producer at C4 and it features the PM's brother who was editor of the prog I worked on. If I can find the reel, you'll find him in good form having won some money on the horses.

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