Friday, September 21, 2007

BBC's Top Gear - the Parrallel Universe with Videojournalism

Top Gear - great cinematography and story telling

Top Gear, Top programme - that is unless you're not a fan of the the lad's boyish banter.

But film making and cinematography, it ranks up there.

Countless others have tried to imitate with catastrophic failure. So could we produce our own car prog here WITHOUT APING THE BOYS?

Step forward Kevin Haggarthy from ITV's Pulling Power and a A1 HD/DV Cam and this is what we got testing the Ferrari 599 GTB.

Story telling is all about people... well it's about characters in as much, and the two characters here are the Ferrari and Kevin and the music of Nanct Ginindza - which has had a few people email me and youtube asking for the track.

Ferrari have requested a look at the feature which uncompressed is now on DVD awaiting a courier. And since that shoot, a couple of other super performance cars have come to table. Robb Montgomery at Visual Editors thinks we have a unique thing going :-D

Here's the car and site built around it.'s Performance Cars - The Ferrari 599GTB

Tip 107
We're using a double compression technique so I can hold the integrity of the image reducing it from 2 gigs to 25 mbs and the skin is simple and clean enough to complement the site

Tip 107b The track which has had a few people emailing has been put out at a clip on the front page of Finding the right music is key to making the car sequence work

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