Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Beatlemania Photo Brilliance

Yes, yes, yes - this sets a standard for producing photo essays.

The magic ingredients: stunning photography, brill music, insightful interview, fabulously art designed.

When I first saw it I thought Saul Bass, even Hillman Curtis - a fanastic designer. It also reminded me of the sort of thing the BBC's Late Show - now defunct would do. Brill Brill Brill.

The interview presentation is retro - something Warhol's Interview would have revelled in or more recently ( not that recent) Neville Brody's The Face.

Go look. One thing as Robb Montgomery from Visual Editor's makes clear, there's no where we can praise them for what they've done. I suppose if you're Magnum you don't need public praise or do you?

The Beatles - David Hurn

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