Wednesday, September 26, 2007

UK broadband headache

The FT, BBC et al have been running news all this week about the UK's apparent lag in Broadband speeds.

They've been citing, among others, France where speeds are generally fast, did they say 100mb, in comparision with the UK where optimum levels hover around 1-2mb.

On the eve of the government trumpeting its world class credentials, well...

At the heart of the controversy is BT (British Telecom) reluctant to change to fibre optics claiming there's no justification for the costs.

A little while back it was BT once again dragging its feet over the final loop with cable companies complaining over prohibitive charges.

We're back to that alice in wonderland paradigm, where everyone talks up how well they're doing, but it's a mad hatters tea party.

Watch out for the news report where BT claims we've got some of the best speeds in the world and we're forging ahead with relentless ingenuity. It's only been in the last two years that competitive broadband pricing has allowed innovation in video.

Meanwhile if you're in South Korea or Singapore I'm told you've every reason to cheers

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