Sunday, September 16, 2007

City of the Dead

Couple of changes to viewmagazine with 800px video strips and an article and video on international assignment. Cairo was awesome and I have more than enough hours to produce a range of mini docs.

The landscape and architecture, French influenced in places, was intoxicating. Robb (Visual Editors) and I produced a podcast which is on Robb's site that sums up the last days.

I'm looking to open up more and become more expansive in pointing to original work I'm coming across all the while. Currently watching Beastie Boys - Isle of W. festival - Whoah that takes us all back.

Now then did I tell you about the city of the dead - a region in Cairo where about five million people live amongst the buried. "For many Cairenes the City of the Dead is a mysterious, foreboding area. Many Cairenes are aware of its existence but few understand this group of vast cemeteries that stretches out along the base of the Moqattam Hills" More from this website which captures it pretty well.


Robb Montgomery said...

Yeah, brother, I like that 800 pixel crop box out front. I also enjoy the bit of mystery when clicking on the coded flags that say 'tx' and such. TX means "transmit" of course - but I like how it invites to be touched.

I have tossed up three versions of the Cairo podcast we made. One is Vox only, the next Vox plus photo stills and the third Vox plus stills plus a few video clips.

Let me know which you like best.

Next time we are definietly reporting from the 'City of the Dead.'

Robb in Chicago

Dr David Dunkley Gyimah said...

Love em all, Robb. It's a horses for courses, but I'd take the video one to post here.

Also the one I did as well if you can post that over please so we can share some love -getting all Samuel J on you.

If you want that front cut let me know. You know the one where you're Jason Bourne's operator :)

And the city of the dead is definately being made into long format doc.

Robb Montgomery said...

You can get embed codes for all of the multimedia at:



I'll gladly run the second camera unit for the COD doc.