Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Pre-web dot com crash

It's a bit like the scottish play. . . you know you're not supposed to say it's real name.

But the indicators are as follows:

China is saving it's money, thus there's less liquidity in the market.
The West isn't saving - and there's a bubble lurking. Record repossession of homes in the US
The amount of debt to savings within a Brit household has risen in the last ten years from 40 percent to 140 thereabout * figures quoted by an Economist on The Today programme.
We here in Western markets have had it good for too long. And we're still spending past our reach.
Northern Rock is an indicator of the sign of the times. Banks are still lending loans when we can't afford it.

So is it time to launch a new online venture? Course it is - after all that slogging and VC talks - who's going to stop you.
Is there a crash on its way where money people hold on to their cash? - Yes that always happens. How severe? We'll see.

But being one of the casualties or successes I suppose is part of web 2.0 jungle. Time to try and cash in on some of that paper money. We've been here before.

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