Saturday, September 29, 2007

Media Storm photo essay doc wins emmy

MediaStorm Wins Emmy for Outstanding Broadband Documentary
In Kingsley's Crossing, a 23-year-old lifeguard from the impoverished town of Limbe, Cameroon, dreams of a better life in Europe. He embarks on a harrowing journey that takes him halfway across Africa.
Photojournalist Olivier Jobard documents the passage.

David writes:
This is an outstanding piece of work for its craftsmanship and simplicity.

Its strenght lies in the powerful synching of photography and narrative. Which goes to the show how easily you can make videojournalism redundant.

The added quality of this film compared to video would be its bandwidth size

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Andrea Cinelli said...

I'm an italian videomaker.
I need to contact Olivier Jobard but I can't find his email address on the web.
I am interested in some of his works.
Can you help me?
Thanks a lot and compliments for your blog.