Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Three journos UK, US, Egyptian - talking video journalism et al

Colourful chat between three journos UK, US, Egyptian crossing a bridge over the Nile - discussing video journalism, advances in newspaper layout from super newspaper guru Rob Montgomery. Robb was the art director for the Chicago Tribune who came up with some great headlines and photoshoots.

This pod has us discussing a range of issues on media training. I appear to be quite over animated. Apologies about that, but I think we provide a podcast travelogue. Ride with us.


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Cliff said...

I thoroughly enjoyed this podcast, mate.

It gave some great insights into how those involved in the profession are adapting to the market, what it requires, and overall, is a great pep talk to those of us making our way along this new paradigm path.

Now if only we would get a clue here in the states about solo vj training being cost effective for those of us paying out of our own pockets.


Cliff Etzel