Friday, September 21, 2007

Behind the Scenes - BBC Newsnight

Going to BBC Newsnight somewhere in the non-distant future. The editor and I have discussed a behind-the-scenes making of...

The idea is you get to see how a prog is put together over a day which could be instructive to academics, students, programme makers, and assortment of audiences.

If you've seen 8 Days you'll get some idea though the one I did with the Financial Times which I haven't had time to make is more accurate. It follows the making of an item for the Bank of England monetary report ie from the inception to it finally going online. You get to hear the decision making, Rob, one of the editots on the Intercative desk producing the feature speaking fluid VJ language:" I don't know that we've got enough sot here. Shall we limit the 3:6:9 seq" and the buzz of the new.

And there's a moment that shows Rob's skills professionally charming the City of London police who want to know whether he has filming rights. Filming rights to film on the street I thought. Grrr!

Anyway's Newsnight. What would you like to know or have me ask and I'll use your name and details in the questioning. ie Mary Bower from wants to know why Newsnight is. . .?

BTW I worked at newsnight in the early 90s and researched for Jeremy Paxman on a couple of occasions. Doubt he'll remember that.

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