Saturday, September 22, 2007

The Politicised Generation

Take four dynamic South Africans who would vote in their first election circa 1994. Observe them for four months talking to them, recording them. That was the basis of a BBC Radio 4 Doc called First Time Voters. It turned out to be a huge success.

When it played on Radio 4, the World Service heard it and aired it on their network, then the SABC heard it and played it on the eve of the 94 historic elections.

Believe me, it's a good thing radio allows for anonymity because geez they trailed that programme. I still get picked up for it, particularly amongst radio enthusiasts, when I'm in SA.

But that's not why I write

Five years later go back. Find out what's chnaged, this time as a VJ piece. That's the feature that played on Channel 4 which I can now show on the web.

Some time soon I hope to go back to SA to see how they're all doing and pick up some new material. I should have gone back in 2004, but alas. . .

What would be a step forward is to share the programme with other online outlets where greater social networking can be estsbalished and costs can be covered and some.

This is more or less a variation on a theme of 7up. They are the sussed generation. Coming up in a couple of days. Meantime here's the site: Reporting South Africa I created- which will soon run the radio and tv documentary

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