Thursday, September 20, 2007

Cliff's Freediving VJ piece

This from Cliff over at the BluProjekt

It's his second - piece - VJ - and nice, about a Volunteer Freediver.

Cliff's an aquatic person himself so has the real opportunity to own this space. Just as there are brill camera operators, Cliff's got his spurs to be a specialist freediving/scuba vj etc. You can read comments on his site. Also leave your own.

There's something I tell graduating VJs on our course, and it's something like this:

In the early stages you'll make mistakes, you have to make mistakes, cuz you have to experiment, And people will tell you "that's really bad", but if at the very least you get good shots, clean SOT (interviews) and it's an interesting story, then that's some accomplishment. Cliff's done more than this. Here's the blurb from his site.

"Here is a self assigned project I completed on a unique volunteer who gives his time at the Oregon Coast Aquarium in Newport Oregon.

While the Aquarium has about 120 volunteer scuba divers, Derek Perry is the only volunteer freediver they currently have donating time to help with the day to day care and cleaning of the Aquarium exhibits. He drives 2 hours each way, twice a month to donate his time because he believes in what the Aquarium is doing.

The story idea was conceived, shot both above and underwater, and edited by me.

This project was challenging due to the low light conditions I encountered while shooting in the Aquarium exhibit while freediving with Derek.

Overall, I feel this is a solid slice of life story".


Cliff said...
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Cliff said...

There's always those ah-ha moments where you realize you missed some important shot that would have made the piece that much better - oh well...

Thanks mate!


Cliff Etzel

Dr David Dunkley Gyimah said...

It's a good piece :-D