Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Amazing photography -Yannis kontos

If you're in London on Thursday, without any idea what to do why don't you go to the Front Line Club where the mutiple award winning photographer Yannis Kontos will be talking about his work, the scrapes he's been through, and how the devil he got himself into North Korea - photos that ran in Time or was it Newsweek.

Couple of weeks back this two huge lush books arrived through the post, unexpectedly, signed by Yannis.

What a visual fest. This is how photography should be packaged. I have become privy to Yannis' work from a couple of multimedia photo montages, but as they say for the best photos silence speaks volumes. I'm not sure how much the books retail for, other than Yannis is looking for a distributor so if you're from Macmillan publishing etc may be this could be yours.

I have asked Yannis for a comp issue. If you are a publisher/distributor and you'd like a sample copy let me know.

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