Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Broadband's end game for broadcasting

The end of broadcasting via terrestrial satellite?

Further relentless pressure on brodcasters - as broadband TV become a reality

Broadcasters leaving the BBC et al en masse ( due to financial cut backs) set up rival alternative BBC esque networks

Most broadcasters have broken up in into pocker networks to balance the books. Publish only that which makes a profit - policy makers are not pleased.

Advertisers abandon barb ( a rough estimate of viewing audiences) for more sophisticated web analytics.

Gaming culture and broadcasters collaborate further aong the lines o photo realistic shows. Who wants to be a millionaire
can be played with you in the chair

Broadcasters cry foul and urge policy makers (Brussels) to introduce laws allowing for video on line to be vigorously monitored.

You compile your own news based on defaults on your viewing habits.

View by appointment stays because of a core minority viewing audience before it abandons it altogether.

Universities are under pressure as real life lectures either through holodecks or advanced second life do the same job

Every major ciy is wi-maxed up with multiple translations for news streams.

In 5 years time most of the above has a good chance of becoming a reality

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