Friday, October 31, 2008

When David met Jayz

Well the truth is I did and I didn't.

I was reflecting on seeing Jay-z in full stride in the arts programme Imagination on BBC TV.
David meets Prince Charles
Two years ago at the University of Westminster, Jay-z, Run and Russel Simmons gathered. I was standing next to Jay-z for a considerable time and I couldn't think of a single question to ask him.

Actually I turned to one of the students and told her what she could ask, after she said" "Er what's he done, music wise". Yep I fell apart laughing. LOL

I dd kick myself afterwards cuz I remembered my niece would have even loved a "hello'.

Ah well. Happens doesn't it.

David filming Moby in Washinton DC
But I have had a few gem moments with other artists.

There was Grace Jones in South Africa. I'm watching her now on Jools Hollands later as I post this. She was scary then. She's scary now. Cuz she's not afraid to tell you off.

She was pretty sharp with me. Woops she's just called modeling prostitution and stood up gyrating her body. This is a car crash. Luckily Jooz Holland has an anti-ruffle gene.

Quincy Jones also in South Africa.
Cameo, Larry Blackman in Leicester
Fela Kuti, Roy Ayers Ertha Kitt and London and a few more.
I'll see if I can find some of the recordings and post, but if you skirt to and enter say Maceo Parker or Roy Ayers into the search you should find a recording.

If not I'm a numpty and should post.

Follow David on Twitter- who has recently been appointed an Artist in Residence at the renowned London South Bank Centre.

David working for ABC News in South Africa in 1994 was one an associate producer with Danny Glover

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