Friday, October 10, 2008

The Super Multimedia Journalists - The Telegraph

(left to right) Heidi, Harriet, Jonathan Mike( their principle trainer), Nick and Rachel
Had the good pleasure of meeting the Telegraph's trainee super journos yesterday and thoroughly enjoyed it.

Super journos because since last year The Telegraph hand picks a handful of grads and post grads to embark on its year plus long trainee scheme, which frankly should be the envy of many organisations.

This year five emerged from the 800 or so number, and like their colleagues last year are a truly nice bunch.

Full of vim, able to master the intricacies of video journalism very swiftly, and brain power you'd gladly welcome on any pub quiz team.

No coincidence they recently won the local quiz contest against local favoured teams in Howden, PA's North of England headquarters.

Last year
I'm told last year's lot have all found jobs and doing very well, with posts that include deputy foreign affairs editor and features writers.

The Telegraph's programme places a strong emphasis on multimedia journalism, giving the trainees rounded skills in being able to meet the modern challenges of print and web reportage.

And after spending time with PA, they'll be on various secondments throughout the UK with regional newspapers.

It's good grounding and if anyone remembers the BBC's much envious 12 trainee appointment schemes, you'll recall the regions played a strong role in providing trainees with multi tasking skills and stomping the husting for stories.

So yes I'm grateful for opportunity of meeting them and will feed some of the video I shot of them into my Phd Studies on Innovation in Journalism.

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