Saturday, October 11, 2008

Video making, Video Journalism, Film making, Film Art?

(VIDBLOG) I Just Left - Europe 2008 from justin on Vimeo.

I stumbled across this:

Here's what the author says of himself

I spent 11 days in Europe in September. I went without a plan, by myself. All I knew is that I was going to visit Berlin since I had a friend there, and that I needed to fly out of Heathrow on the following Tuesday. Everything between was more or less played by ear.

The first days were lonely, I was lucky enough to meet some cool people at the hostel I was staying at in Paris and traveled with them a bit. Berlin was great since I already knew someone and could easily get to know all their friends. It was just such a fun, spontaneous, adventure. Exactly what I wanted it to be.

The vidblog was edited sequentially, meaning I didn't rearrange any of the shots in time - for the most part it's an accurate, linear showcase of who I met and where I went. Enjoy.
To his site
Is it video journalism, Video art, video story telling. Does anyone really care, other than its really really nice!

I don't know whether the author, Justin, is a film maker, but he's got a great eye and is playing with twin narratives, compositions, sound scapes and 369 sequences, plus the movement and music.

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