Saturday, October 18, 2008

The End of UK Media - November 27th 2008. BBC's Video Journalism Revolution

On November the 27th 2008, a decision, which will amount to a seismic disruption to UK media, principally newspapers, will take place.

The BBC will announce whether it will introduce hyperlocal televsion.

It's huge. A real game changer. And for the newspapers, the end of media.

  • Because few newspapers can succeed against the might of the BBC and BBC local will be formidable. They already have video journalists for the 65 or so broadband sites.
  • Even though many newspapers are doing video, when it comes down to it, the BBC believes viewers will choose them above a local newspaper who's just started video making.
  • The decision, for once, overtly legitimises the use of video journalists as a news force.
In 2005 precisely because of this, The Press Association, with the support of UK regional newspapers, embraced video journalism.

Earlier this year, I interviewed Peter Horrocks, Head of Multimedia News at the BBC.

The decision will be an explosive one and judging from this link it looks like it will get the green light.

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Cliff said...

At least you folks in the UK have some healthy competition on the new paradigm - here in the states - at least from what I can tell - we're stuck with the same corporate MSNM - and hyper local is an ongoing experiment in Washington DC only - care of Michael Rosenblum.

You blokes in the UK have exciting times mate - look forward to seeing what comes of it.


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