Wednesday, October 15, 2008

FAQ Video journalism - the five most popular responses

David presenting at the World Association of Newspapers.

In Czechoslovakia over the weekend in a few weeks talking video journalism with an outfit looking to aid those who would like to leap frog the digital status quo, perhaps even make long format films.

I looked at the blurb and thought interesting. These five questions always come up so I'll share with others.

It's going to be one of those "did I really go there visits?"

Last one I ever did was a mad trip to New York for the ONA, which had me in NY on Saturday morning for a conference in the afternoon in which I pretty much stayed up all night to fly back to the UK for lectures Monday morning.

I have never felt so whazzed. Took me ages to recover.. still am. Those five to be posted shortly.

Net habits
2 a.m I should catch some shut eyes but I'm on one of those customary death marches looking at some css coding, wordpress and some.

Oh the good ol days of the dotcom boom circa 2001 when we stayed up with fizzy drinks trying to fix some alwful bug before the morning pitch.

Next week, the science musem in the evening involves some really innovative stuff which I have been asked to chair.

Involves collaborative film makers similar to Swarm of Angels where you buy into the film and control its process; plus Machinima and purpose-built software to make your own movies and finally award winning mobile film making.

Hopefully see you there.

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