Friday, October 24, 2008

creativity in the work place

The last few days have been pretty extraordinary.

And then the question was asked: why would anyone want to do a Phd?

There are many reasons I have heard, but an over riding one from the cohorts at Smart Lab.

Many of us want to examine the status quo, and find some context for our own passions. And then look to see whether there are alternatives.

And it's not the end per se, but the journey of discovery that's a heavy draw.

This week we did the ologies. By that ontology, phenomenology, ethnography, videography.

I was reminded of a well known BT advert were a Jewish mother character, Beattie, played by Maureen Lipman praises her son for his sucess at one of the "ologies".

There are few places its said when you can take a team of people from different disciplines, place them in a room where they undertake pecha kuchas. You should try this.

This meaning more or less chit-chat in Japanese, but really amounts to power point slides in break neck speed, and then watch the strands of different opinions emerge into a creative soup.

Frankly it's a wonder my Master students are doing that.

The added ingredient to fostering a safe place amongst this very eclectic gathering is the location. A creative zone or to use one of my colleague's, Camille's expressions, inspirational zone

Anyway more on this latter, I have got 5000 words to consider

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