Thursday, October 02, 2008

Financial Video Journalism - Star trader who called melt down

Robert Peston, the BBC's star Business Editor is rightly receiving all the praise for breaking a number of important finance stories, but here's a name that won't mean much to you but garners growing admiration in the city.

Sandy Jadeja a Chief Market Strategist of ODL and listed here on the London Stock Exchange for his trading credentials, spoke a year ago about a market set to go into hyper spin.

And speaking to him yesterday he says it's going to get much worse. How does he know?

Well you can watch him on CNBC where he talks market speak or you might want to tune back here sometime when I intend to do a Cine-VJ feature.

Sandy and I crossed paths at my Apple Talk. He was in the audience and wanted to find out how he could combine some of the things he does, using complex software to read the market with Cine-Video Journalism to show how he does it.

We've toyed with doing something but have been short of time, but now?

Lack of Financial Video Journalism
Earlier this week I asked why TV and VJs weren't pursuing financial video journalism stories.

Well might as well put my money where my mouth is...

In the future I'm looking forward to getting together with friends at Reuters and the Financial Times to talk more on financial Video journalism.

Here's a link to previous collaborations.

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