Monday, October 13, 2008

When Obama Wins Versus When McCain Wins? - the programme

In 2001 I would undertake one of my last network television positions; it was time to try other things.

The last programme would leave me on a high in a high period as well.

It was the UK election and I was one of the political producers on Powerhouse, a Channel 4 Political Show, which had some of the best producers and reporters I had worked with Michael Brunson presenting and one Andrew Brown at its helm.

Micheal was one of those reporters every reporter ought to have studied. Among many things he turned pieces to camera around on the spot and with no notes.

Andrew Brown is the brother of Gordon Brown, Prime Minister.

Who Wins Concept

The show played a format idea pretty well imagining what life would be like under a Conservative, Liberal or Labour Government.

It was a mind bender to make; I produced one of the last ones, but the outcome yielded interesting results and dynamics amongst the parties.

In a sense, a classic piece of provocative TV, provocative in one case for Labour's team to take umbrage with the show when we assumed they would raise National Interest rates.

They'd made no such commitment thus far. But using the accountants BDO Stoy Hayward we crunched some numbers.

Looking at the US elections, Powerhouse thoughts began to take shape.

A programme that assumed firstly Obama had won and taking his pledges and running with them, attempting to determine the cost financially and the feel good factor he would bring or not.

Then a similar one for McCain.

Truth you wouldn't need a huge budget to do this; Powerhouse had a relatively small one compared to other network programmes.

You'd need to pour over their manifestos and archive to find how they're selling them for added info, then with the help of some graphics and avid supporters of both candidates set about with a non partisan number cruncher.

Like I said the results can lead to some interesting follow up exchanges and the films shouldn't be bad to watch either.

That said chances are it's already been done to death.. hasn't it?

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