Sunday, October 12, 2008

Video journalism Kit bag Canon HDCM0S et al

Wait for it... What's in the kitbag?

Today I have gone Geek head.Side by side - some of my old kit- the trusty VX1000 - s0me work horse. It once fell inside the sea ( Dardanelles). We fished it out and in a couple of hours was working.

My Nizo Super 8mm provides some lush footage when needed, and then bottom right is my Uher -a replacement of a previous version which saw action in South Africa and its conflicts.

It uses a reel which you edit with a razor and a edit head placed on the device.

Side by Side - so you can get a good feel of their sizes. The A1 which I recommend for newspapers journos is highly concealable, but look at the Cannon HD CMOS, cost 500 UKP compared to the Sony A1 1600 UKP

The question is does the cannon measure up?

In the palm of my hands you can barely see it.

The other device in the ruck sack which replaces the uher is the Handy Recorder

Last Friday I shot Sandy Jadeja talking about the markets and also managed to secure some work placement for students interested in working finance stories.

I'll post the story shortly, and also give me feedback on the Canon.

One thing to start off with. Because of the codec the camera uses, I could only ingest it into Imovie 8 on my Mac.

And then of course the ideal package, the Digi beta 700 [cost 25,000 UKP ] - shooting for television news


Anonymous said...

The Canon CMOS looks impressive for its size..but what's its sound like? I don't know whether I would get a camera if it didnt have an XL cable socket
Not sure why but I still quite like the Canon XL1, I think it's the shape!!

Anonymous said...

I got given some AVCHD footage to edit last week for an FCP project and would rather poke my eye out with a fork than go through that again...

Dr David Dunkley Gyimah said...


LOL.. that's a bit drastic. I think the early signs are that it's not native to the main standards of FCP.

Adam, you're asking the same questions I would. Depends what you need the camera for really.. if you know what I mean...