Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Video Journalism Reel

Video Journalism Reel.

Looking forward to an important meeting next week, which mixes video journalism with installations.

Comments welcome as usual


Anonymous said...

Hi David

Is this your showreel? Is this what a showreel should look like? The reason i ask is that i am new to the VJ game (trained with you last year) so not been shown about show reels and what goes into them, and what style & pace they should have. Do you have any more examples of other showreels you could link me to?

Also check out my video i did this week, i tried to incorporate as many skills i have picked up over the last year.




Dr David Dunkley Gyimah said...

Hey Martin
Good to hear from you and yes dem days.

I'll talk briefly about reels before posting something mre substantial.

Thanks for the link to the vid you made.

Couple of things if you don't mind.

I like the steadiness of your opening shots and the depth of field a lighting on a couple of them.

2. Good subject matter as well.

3. The second half sped up lapse is superb and aptly creative for the occasion. I'd probably have started with this to draw the viewer in.

3b. Try starting with your strongest pictures unless the narrative is overwhelming.

4. Perhaps also edit down the talking heads.

5.A voice over would have helped direct the audience more. Feature pieces sans voice overs can be a big ask from viewers unless the material is utterly compelling.

But nice stuff and look forward to seeing more.

This is probably out of your hands, but you might want to ask IT to see if they can deliver a bigger viewing experience than the current viewing size.



Anonymous said...

Hi David

Thanks for the feed back, much appreciated. I know exactly what you mean about the player, i would love it if we hosted our own videos. The Amercans sites all look so much better, but they are a few years ahead of us.
Look forward to a post on show reels.



Dr David Dunkley Gyimah said...

Couple of posts to add to the last one, which expand on reels and various VJ themes.

Whats the point of the Video Journalism reel

Videojournalism Conventions - a 3 part series post.

Video Journalism matures into multiple genres.