Saturday, November 17, 2007

When bloggers ruled the earth

There is a precedent.

Tony Blackburn a venerable British DJ started off his career at a pirate station Radio Caroline.

Soon the 'legit" enterprise, with presumably a nice pay cheque came calling, in the shape of the BBC.

You see Tony Blackburn was good and had a huge following.

Today it isn't uncommon on the airwave wars for DJs to leap from one station to another, be it pirate ot otherwise; their earning power determined by the number of listeners they pull in, which affects advertising.

So how easily will this be translated to bloggers?

If you're Adrian Monck with 305 subscribers and rising or any number of the top ten bloggers in the UK, at what point does a newspaper exec say:" We'd like you to write for us".

In Adrian's case he does a fair bit already, but lets extend the exercise to those starting off their careers ie the Tony Blackburn effect.

Writing good copy is the linchpin, knowing how to write for search engines is the added glue to making your career really sticky.

And those involve a few principles.

The best writers will always find their way to the top; you get found out sooner or later.

For the myspacers doing for blogs what they're doing for music getting ranked at least gives you more eyeballs and in a global market - the 5 percenter effect or put another way Chris Anderson's long tail kicks in.

So expect the question in interviews soonish.

"hello Mr Burn"


"So you want to work for us? Do you have a blog?"

"er yes"

"What are your matrixes?"

"Er 600 subscribers, 3000 daily readers, and around 70 comments daily"

"And how much would you be looking for?"

Press release
Mr Burns a prolific blogger joins the ranks of Times Spectre, aged 24.
Says Mt Burns, I'llbe hoping to engage with the constituents I have come to know,
But also with a new swathe of readers.....

P.s The same could also apply to Video bloggers

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