Wednesday, November 14, 2007

fantasy football - next fantasy boardroom

It sounds like the daftest, or hairbrain idea going, but then they said the net wouldn;t work.

So imagine the New York Giants, Yankees or Manchester United was put on the market. Cost 35UKp a throw and you could own a bit of the club.

You make decisions about the team, to what merchandise gets sold.

Imagine that, you wait till vting day them the manager announces a decision has been made: American Idol sports-style.

Then again, it's peach of an idea.

No wonder the press went ballsitic for a piece of the news.

The team Ebbsfleet United... who?

Ebbsfleet united, a name so obscure in English football, that if it wasn't so fantastically true, you couldn't make it up.

So 20,000 fans have a chance to flex their armchair managerial muscle from their webiste Myfootball Club

Next week how social networks penetrated the corporate boardrooms and showed how to really run a company.

This story will run and run.

Not a bad stroke of PR

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