Thursday, November 01, 2007

Final Cut and After Effects winning formula

Above, frontpage segment of I don't give a lot away but hover and click reveals mini segments and promo film. You need a fast connection as usual.

It's a trade mark shot-effect for Tony Scott (Man o Fire - starring Denzel Washington) who uses with a particular cranking camera, but you can near mimic that using After effects and Final Cut.

After Effects like Flash is one of those applications that for a long time we've believed belongs to the designers' tool kit.

But it's been used in various films.

Band of Brothers ( produced by Tom Hanks) used it all around the series. Fabulous score as well.

Like most applications it's knowing where and how to use to achieve the effect.

But it can change a VJ shoot from something ordinary to something that looks like many hands were involved.

See 8 Days which I used to 'telecine' the film

Thanks for the shout Bryan and yes anytime. Hope this answers your query.

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