Friday, November 30, 2007

Nokia Vs Sony A1

One of the issues to surface over the Reuters- Nokia gathering was the quality of pics.

You heard a little bit of the debate when Tim raised it in yesterday's Video post.

Today I was on Nokia's site feeling around and posted the point raised in the video.

Obviously, I'm sure of this, it'll improve.

And there are many perhaps, evidenced when you go to Nokia's user group, who will say its superb.

No worries, that's really not my contention.

Do I take my A1 or er Nokia, maybe a debate a lot of us will have very soon, with by then the A1 doing something extraordinary to thwart of a filming device when you can edit-load at the press of a button.

Which on that note Multimedia Editor John Dempsey from IC Liverpool alerted me to this.

Liverpool one of the first tranche of newspapers in the UK to go video journalism, have at times been able to sell footage to the BBC.

He tells me about this shoot - a march in support of Rafa Benitez Liverpool's coach captured on the Noki and posted on IC Liverpool's site.

There's some white noise but what do you think about the pics as opposed to not having them at all


Cliff said...

This is where I might be stuck in more traditional ways of doing things, but I found the image quality lacking severely - but then again, I've been looking at images and footage for so long, I see the inadequacies more than the average person might.

I would be more inclined to kit a correspondent with a flash media based camera like the SANYO Xacti HD700 or HD1000. They aren't the kind of solution as the Nokia kit, but the footage and images are of a higher quality for repurposing out to broadcast if need be.

Whatcha think mate?

Cliff Etzel - Immersive Video Journalist

Dr David Dunkley Gyimah said...
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Dr David Dunkley Gyimah said...

I believe that's the heart of the disco at the moment; quality.

But I'm guessing they're furiously trying to address this.

When they do, the question is what level of intimacy or visual language will the phone's offer as a standard which excells beyond the A1 et al?

It'll happen; evolution. . . but I'm not registering at the mo with my futurecasting

Anonymous said...

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