Friday, November 23, 2007

NGOs and web 2.0 on face book

I have been invited to act as adminstrator for Facebook community: NGOs and web 2.0 and my opening discussion looks at an issue reported in the Guardian recently.

Topic: Should Aid agencies act as reporters and film makers?

It's a perennial issue, which Glenda Cooper of The Guardian
addressed (Monday November 5 2007) and one I feel in the climate of web 2+ merits wider attention.

Here's a snippet of what he says below:

"New technology is altering how we report, where we report from and who is doing the reporting of disasters. And that means that journalists and aid agencies are having to rethink their roles...... The result: aid agencies are turning their own staff into citizen journalists and filmmakers, in order to get their message across."
more here

Should aid agencies report?
Should there be guidance and rules ?
Should there be increased levels of training?
Are journalists doing a adequate job in reporting aid issues?

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