Saturday, November 03, 2007

Digital Media - the Intangibles

Is this an example of the future journalist Link here to view.
Sitting to lunch a couple of days ago, I'm introduced to Jamie.

Jamie manages a 120 billion US hedge fund.

This figure simply washes over me.

Let me see, how many zeros and what do you buy your partner for her birthday in that position?

But we get chatting away and soon a definition emerges for what I do and what he does.

We sell intangibles. He sells stock he never sees and I sell stories.

"You are a story teller", I'm told

Perhaps more technically I considered "information broker". Not me per se, but this thing we all do.

We provide information which has relevance or not for the market - supply and demand.

Sellers and buyers
It's perhaps splitting hairs but stories has an ephemeral nature about it, whilst information suggests a currency, however in any case we do tell stories, hopefully interesting and relevant ones.

But the definition encapsulates something else.

That a large part of facilitating the brokerage of info is aided by technology.

And just as trading online is possible, we should also be convinced about how online has enabled millions of us to trade info.

Understanding and even owning some knowledge about the pipe lines of distribution and how we drill for oil
is crucial.

A day later and an academic, seeped in the culture of traditional media rubishes online, web 2.0 and its relevance.

If you think that's a tall story, then this may interest you City University's media professor and veteran newspaper editor Roy Greenslade and the UK's National Union of Journalists ( NUJ) Donnacha DeLong who is their New Media Representative.

Donnacha Delong wrote an articled 'Web 2.0 is Rubbish' which has led to Roy leaving the union after 42 years.

Now this is story telling

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