Thursday, November 22, 2007

Failing is good

" I believe I'm a better man than I was 18 months ago.
It's a failure but we move on"

Ex England Boss Steve Maclaren, responding to his sacking as England football boss.

The team despite a bumper crop of talent did not make it to Euro 2008.

There's something in Maclaren's admission

Actually there's a lot, which I'd previously trans-posted on "The Making of a Multimedia Journo".

If Maclaren were given the job or a similar one, would he fair any better?

Some societies see failure as the coat of a pariah, a person to be shunned, ostracised from any public or private office.

Others see it differently.

Failure entails we should not repeat our mistakes; once bitten. . .

We're stronger for the experience of going through the pain.

Clearly Sven Goran - the previous England boss has a chairman in Manchester City who believes that.

I put my money on Maclaren popping up in the US or Emirates, not because it's a softer touch but his collective experience may prove more receptive to those who see this one phase of his life as a valuable lesson they could use: how not to fail.

It's only when you've been through the experience that you really appreciate its mechanics

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