Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The year of Videojournalism

  • The year of the videojournalists - the digital artists and the Net age.
    We're coming full circle into a multimodal system that wants to examine multiple perspective.

  • It's official. "We make a million pounds of ad from placing video on our site, this editor told me at a conference.
    "What!" I said.

    "The ads are crying out for video "he replied.

    Who said video doesn't sell online?

  • Today, previewed first video hyperlink stories which I hope to put online.

    It's simple. You follow a linear story and then it indicates to you various branches. For instance stay with the interview or move on.

  • This is the new promo banner for giving notice of video hyperlinking, which The Economist featured in an article. Made in FCP and After Effects.
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