Friday, February 08, 2008

Response to Jeff Jarvis finds his Mojo

I have left this on the link above

Agree with Jeff about the broadcast-flow, so for what's termed "smash and grabs" the Nokia is ideal.

Easily, by the time Tory leader David Cameron would have known he was about to be interviewed the camera would have been out. Its rate of transmission online also puts added pressure on professionals for being on song.

As a videojournalists and academic the smaller sized HD cams still get my vote and I remember well in 1994 when I first took out a Sony Hi8 to interview a British MP and the reaction it caused.

The HD's quality threshold is a big plus and if the sony's etc can get blue sky, they'll have a small small wifi card developed that can take video cuts, probably compressed, straight online.

The Nokia by the way was showacased in London at Reuter's headquarters in 2007 before members of the Online News Association.

You can see snippets of a liveky debate here

Where the Nokia would score really high would be in war situations. It would be ideal for an exercise we run with Nato ~ war games

And just for good measure here's a piece from in 2004 illustrating how we trend extrapolated mobile phone broadscasting together with the powerpoint. Seems we're all inching very close to what we call here Total Broadcast.

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