Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Masters in Journalism students say it out Loud in an alternative fashion

Masters in Journalism students launch their web sites.

Two different briefs from alpha and bravo team within a couple of weeks from the design phase.

Built in CSS, with Flash and Video, both teams run the site with an editorial mix of designers, marketers, photo editors, podcasters, man eds and editors.

This is London London Out Loud which looks at London from a student/ international traveller's point of view.

You can learn more about their brief and USP from visiting the site.

London Alternative
London Alternative takes a similar path in appealing to international students, but you'll find that it and OutLoud are different, according to the Editorial teams.

And this is their promo


Anonymous said...

London Out Loud is still far away from taking over Fleet Street.

What makes London Out Loud more interesting is that it presents London from the point of view of the international students who live in the Big Smoke.

sakulsri said...

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