Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Could this be the clearest evidence yet that London Undergrounds tube network could soon no longer be a mobile free zone, as this exclusive film indicates

The tube is probably the last refuge from the all pervasive din of mobile phones and often inconsiderate callers with little phone etiquette.

Last week a man practically gave out his home address, National Insurance number and Date of Birth on a busy carriage.

But, with all that said, many would like to see London's tube capable of receiving mobile phone signals.

So this man walked by me, looking like something out of robocop: an antenna hanging behind his ear and a mobile and graphic user interface in front of him.

I had my Canon IXUS 70 in my bag and walked up to him.

He clearly saw me filming but I did not want to draw attention to it so excuse the wobbly shots.

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