Thursday, February 07, 2008

FT multimedia Newsroom more pics and contextual reporting

More pics and news of the great activity at the FT. Shared some time with their Editor and senior journalists yesterday.

A lot of what I can't say would fall under Chatham House rules.

But we got to look at editing for journalists and I was taken by the work of some of their reporters now Vjing, and news packages being put together.

More on that later.

Here's some new pics that give you an idea of their hub.

The government wants to fine parents for the children's misdemeanors.

Yesterday I spoke about contextual reporting.

Where have we heard this before in recent times.

Flashback the Tories illustrated by this picture from photographer and lecturing colleague John Sturrock and a soon to be added radio report for BBC Radio 5 on the conservative government's plans on penalising parents.

We've been here before.

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