Sunday, February 03, 2008

Round up

Great posts from Peter Ralph at Shootingbynumbers
" If your eyes enter from the left of the screen they will tend to settle more comfortably on the right.
So in most images placing the focus of attention on the right of the screen will produce a more harmonious composition."

From Digital Basin, Mike Jones
elaborates on space and cinema and the unquestionable matrixes that hold this form together
".....for it is these discourses that have served as the pillars for established cinematic theory over the past century ? mise-en-scene, montage, the role of the viewer and the role of the maker are all built from their accepted norms"

Cliff Etzel has made the leap from DV to HD out of neccessity
"...I made the jump to HDV after having lost out on two potential broadcast projects where the producers specifically asked me if I shot HD. Having to say no I didn’t shoot HD probably lost me those possible projects. So it was a necessary expendeture I had to make."

And the usual bag of goodies at Multimedia shooters.. Multimedia shooters

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