Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Inside Afghanistan

It's one of the world's trouble hotpsots where the rules of engagement, as well as maintaining law and order is played out continuously in the face of insurgents e.g. the Taliban

But almost everyday you can find Ron Edwards on the ground surveying the terrain and in some instances, under Chatham House rules, advising clients e.g. Army folk about what it's like being in Afghanistan.

But Ron Edwards is a civilian and this is no ordinary country, at least in the context we fix on at the moment.

This is Afghanistan world, as the experts would say, or Virtual world to the less-Virtual minded.

Virtual but so real that if you're injured by an explosion you will be injured, correction your avatar will suffer inuries- yes the Matrix.

This is a brief glimpse into a world whose potential is so huge.

Each year we at the University of Westminster fly to Norway for War Games.

The possibilities of augmenting those exercises with this level of modelling and mapping is awesome.

Here's Ron ( above) talking to Ian from Thames Valley University about his work.

I'll post a more expansive interview soon. This was shot on my Canon 1XUS 70

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