Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Copy from Apple Presentation

Apple have just sent this through to me for an evening presenting at their Apple stores, Regent Street, somewhere in March.

Be a chance to mix it up and reveal how some programmes like The Ferrari 599 GTB and Vlog Butterfly were made (how some elements of TV making will never disappear) and some handheld Gonzo shooting stuff, plus other bits and pieces.

If you're coming down, see you there.

"Video online is coming of age. Newspapaers, magazines, the Arts, small websites are all looking to produce strong news and feature stories.

In this session, International award winning videojournalist and creator of view magazine.tv, David Dunkley Gyimah, profiled on Apples Pro site, demos innovative video work with leading media brands using one person crews and the new practice IM6VJ which brings together multiple disciplines in programme production."

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Anonymous said...

Look forward to seeing you at the Apple store in March.