Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Men - how often do you examine your testicles

I know how this comes across, but for this reportage I couldn't be any more blunt.

A report which I dug out made for BBC Radio looked at the growing number of men between 18-40 affected by testicular cancer.

I visited a young man, former navy personnel, on the Isle of Wight you had one testice removed because of the illness.

He was told he'd never be able to have children, but miracuolusly he did.

The hospital I went to for the report advised me on a daily routine for men to check themselves.

Behind the screen, the doc told me to pull my trousers down, er ( fright) and he'd check and using diagrams show me what men should be doing every morning.

"That's a bit embarassing doc", aint it".

"Nonsence", he replied, "women perform routine checks on their breasts for any abnornalities, what's the problem!"

You can find the radio report on the front page of Viewmagazine.tv: a simple routine that's worth the bother.

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